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Medix Clinical Research

Medix is a leading provider of workforce solutions for clients and candidates across the Healthcare, Scientific and IT industries.


  • Medix-Hire the Right Talent

    In 2009, Medix’s Scientific Division was created to help teams in need find highly skilled and sought after talent in a wide range of scientific settings, including manufacturers, laboratories, biotechnology, pharma and medical device. As the numbers of registered clinical trials in America rose rapidly in the following years, Medix Clinical Research was founded in 2014 to service sites, sponsors and CROs of all shapes and sizes.

    As our expertise expanded, so did our service offerings. In 2015, Medix Clinical Research introduced client consulting, bringing a more personalized approach to the site experience by providing expert guidance. Through our consulting efforts, our team identified an urgent need for standardized training processes across research sites in order to develop a qualified workforce, leading to the creation of the first-ever Clinical Research Boot Camp – facilitated by Medix and powered by ACRP. This one-of-a-kind approach combines Medix’s...
    More Information » www.medixteam.com/scientific/?guesttype=client

  • Medix-Job Candidates

    Candidates:  You need a partner in your job search who is dedicated to finding you the right opportunity to fit your skills and aspirations. Medix is committed to matching talent within the Healthcare, Scientific and Information Technology communities to achieve their professional goals.

    More Information » careers.medixteam.com

    Medix-Job Candidates



  • Molly Downhour
    Molly Downhour

    Executive Director, Clinical Research
    SCOTTSDALE, Arizona

  • Nick Burrows
    Nick Burrows

    Director, Clinical Research
    Medix Clinical Research
    United States